We founded HeavenPearls in 2017, as we were searching for fitting accessories which would combine perfectly with our daily outfits and jewelry, like watches, rings, and necklaces.
The accessories should offer a wide variety of colors, be suitable for any occasion without losing quality.


Which accessories could combine all these characteristics better than bracelets?
We put all our heart in the company, in the selection of our products, in the designs and that’s why every single bracelet is handmade with love.

For HeavenPearls bracelets, we only use nickel-free products and all our suppliers are located in Europe, providing a high quality.


And that’s still not all:
All our customers should be able to create their own dream bracelets.
You can personalize your bracelets, choosing between gold, rose or silver colors, adding your favorite pendant and/or giving it an individual touch, adding a word or a name.

heavenpearls pearl bracelet about us smile ibiza collection
3 Reasons to #BeInHeaven
  • Unique & Various Designs

    We can only repeat what we already said:
    HeavenPearls bracelets offer you wonderful and unique designs.
  • Always Up-To-Date

    We both are totally in love with Fashion.
    That is the reason why our designs are always oriented
    on the newest trends.
  • Carefully Handcrafted

    Against the flow! That is a promise to all our customers:
    Handcrafted work belongs to our philosophy.


Still not convinced?

See what our customers are saying.

Maybe you need them to hear 🙂

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