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Silver AnchorSilver Anchor
Silver SisterSilver Sister
Silver FeahterSilver Feahter
Silver Palm TreeSilver Palm Tree
Silver HeartarrowSilver Heartarrow
Silver SkullSilver Skull
Silver BirdSilver Bird
Silver HandfanSilver Handfan
Silver HeartSilver Heart
Silver MandelaSilver Mandela
Silver FlipFlopSilver FlipFlop
Silver CactusSilver Cactus
Silver Palm Tree SmallSilver Palm Tree Small
Silver PineappleSilver Pineapple
Silver SeastarSilver Seastar
Silver Star SmallSilver Star Small
Silver StarSilver Star
Silver Star BigSilver Star Big
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Create your DREAM BRACELET with the Spirit Design

Spring Collection Bracelet

“Spring is nature’s way of saying Let’s Party!”

Yes! That’s why we designed our Spring Collection Bracelets full of lovely colors. All these colors together remind us of the picture of blooming flowers:

+ Pink like pink tulips, which represent the love of spring

+ Turquoise like the blue poppy also knows as the treasure of the Dalai Lama. Maybe that’s why those pearl bracelets give us the feeling of calming down.

+ Peach like the garden pansy for all free thinkers. Did you know that pansy colors are infinite in either tri-color, solids or bi-colors? Some varieties are even in beautiful pastel shades of apricot. That’s why a flower with so many varieties is a symbol for all free thinkers here

+ Bright yellow like the yellow daffodil. A flower which is the official symbol for the American Cancer Association, symbolizing hope for a cure.

+ Red like a red peony. This flower-color combination is most prized in China and Japan and has the strongest ties to honor and respect. It’s also the most symbolic of wealth and prosperity in those cultures.


Did you already find your favorite color? We combined the meanings of the described flower-color combinations in our Spring Pearl Bracelets. So let’s get inspired and choose your perfect fit!


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