Elegance Rose

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Rosegolden BirdRosegolden Bird
Rosegolden HeartRosegolden Heart
Rosegolden ParrotRosegolden Parrot
Rosegolden CactusRosegolden Cactus
Rosegolden PineappleRosegolden Pineapple
Rosegolden SeastarRosegolden Seastar
Rosegolden anchorRosegolden anchor
Rosegolden StarRosegolden Star
Rosegolden Star SmallRosegolden Star Small
Rosegolden Heart SmallRosegolden Heart Small
Rosegolden MandelaRosegolden Mandela
Rosegolden FeatherRosegolden Feather
Rosegolden Heart with arrowRosegolden Heart with arrow
Rosegolden SisterRosegolden Sister
Rosegolden StrokeRosegolden Stroke
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Create your DREAM BRACELET with the Elegance Design


Yes, blue is a pretty awesome color! Blue like the ocean, like the sky, like the amazing waterfalls and

like all the beautiful blue colors human created. We are so fascinated by all those different blue colors, and yes turquoise also counts, so that we decided to catch up all nature blue tons and the ones created by artists

Who could survive without the blue? We couldn’t! A collection only of different blue colors would be a little bit boring, even if you combine all the dark and bright shades. As our HeavenLovers know, we like to play with colors and materials.

In this collection you will find pearl bracelets for every season. How we decide which bracelet belongs into

which category? There is always an overall “fit”. The dominant color in the bracelets is blue. It is mixed up in the pearls, like our bright blue golden pearls.

Actually there are so breathtaking, that we created two really simultaneous designs. Believe us there are totally worth it. So take a deep breath and go for it 😉


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